Learn from the people around you at Falling Walls

Falling Walls attendees are full of knowledge in different fields and areas of expertise. They bring valuable knowledge with them from their work and research around the world. We want to make sure that you have the opportunity to learn from other attendees and share with them while you are attending the conference.

To facilitate these connections, we offer braindates. Since 2015, the Braindate service has brought our participants together for one-on-one or small group conversations about shared areas of interest or expertise.


“Braindates were an invaluable deep dive into specific topics which complemented the massive scope of the conference as a whole.”

— Shrenik Jain

2017 Falling Walls Lab Winner and Founder of Sunrise Health (Formerly Beacon)


What are braindates?

Braindate enables peer-to-peer learning, knowledge sharing and more focused networking while onsite at Falling Walls. Braindates are one-on-one or small group conversations that you book with other participants using the Braindate platform that you access in the event app.

Here’s a video of a personal Braindate experience at an event

These are some of the most popular topics from Falling Walls 2017 and 2018:

Falling Walls 2018:

  1. What interactive documentaries can offer to science communication

  2. Energy storage; energy and ML; Moonshot thinking

  3. Science diplomacy: shape transatlantic science policy and science communication

  4. Strategy exchange: scaling projects and organizations for impact and visibility

  5. How to build a successful and sustainable technology startup

Falling Walls 2017:

  1. How to start a social initiative that improves a social problem

  2. How cities can embrace the digital revolution

  3. Artificial Intelligence: the renAIssance – fact, fiction, or a bit of both?

  4. How to use sleep to improve memory in health and disease

  5. How to fund science in an intelligent way

You will receive more information about how Braindate works and get access to the platform closer to the Falling Walls Conference.